Germany: Court Orders Tesla to Buy Back Its Model 3 EV From Customer


A German court has ordered Tesla for buying back a Model 3 electric compact sedan from a consumers as the owner of the car is not happy with the Autopilot system of the car. According to the reports, the court has ordered the company ‘Tesla’ for buying back the Model 3 car from the owner, who had been concerned that, the self-driving feature does not work as it was advertised.

The owner of the particular Tesla Model 3 in Germany has filed a case in which he has alleged Tesla that, whenever he engaged the Autopilot, he felt like the care had been driving like a drunk driver, and he has also paid 6,300 euros for a package of software that is not compatible with the current installed hardware of the car, and this issue has made him frustrated with the car.

Many of the owners of Tesla cars have complained about some similar issues, and these complaints have also prompted the electric vehicle manufacturing company for improving its advanced driver assist systems or technology of the car. Although the company also charges large amount of money for a particular feature in the Autopilot system.

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The Autopilot technology has also been accused of being faulty and also causing crashes, which had also resulted in deaths of many people driving the vehicles.


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