Pole Star Introduced Next-Gen Maritime and Supply Chain Analytics to North America

Pole Star has set the standard for maritime solutions that offer “decision integrity” to customers all over the world. Considering its proceeded with development across North America, Pole Star, the forerunner in sea knowledge is coming to CMA Transportation in Connecticut to grandstand a set of their cutting edge ‘information examination suite’. Pole Star continues […]


Mark Zuckerberg Announced New WhatsApp for Windows

A new WhatsApp app for Windows has been announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. It will allow you to make group video and audio calls with up to 32 people from your desktop. Mark Zuckerberg said that, this while announcing the launch of a new WhatsApp desktop application for Windows on Facebook. You can […]

UK Finally Bans TikTok on Government Devices

Bringing the UK into line with the United States and the European Commission and demonstrating the deteriorating relationship between Beijing and Washington, UK will prohibit the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok from ministers’ and civil servants’ mobile phones. A few hours after TikTok stated that its owner, ByteDance, had been told by Washington to sell the […]


UK: GenoME gets 1.4-Million Pounds Funding for Cancer Diagnostic Technology

GenoME, a health technology company based in Belfast, has raised 1.4 million pounds for its diagnostics platform for ovarian cancer early detection. The investment comes after the company raised 300,000 pounds in a pre-seed round in 2021, which helped it meet UK regulatory milestones. GenoME will use its new funds to finish testing its technology […]


Volkswagen’s Cupra Brand Starts Market Testing to Debut in the US

According to Volkswagen Group’s SEAT Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths, Cupra has been conducting market testing for the potential entry into the US market. Cupra has recently entered new markets outside of Western Europe and is producing a number of all-electric models in Spain in an effort to establish itself as a distinct EV brand. Cupra, […]

Northern Ireland EV Owners to Pay for Street Charging

Beginning at the end of April 2023, electric vehicle drivers in Northern Ireland will be required to pay to charge their vehicles on the street. In addition, an overstay fee will be implemented to guarantee the availability of charging stations and discourage prolonged stays. It is part of ESB’s upgrade to the charging network, which […]