Tesla Hike Prices Of Car Models In US


The electric vehicle company ‘Tesla’ has increased the pricing of all the company’s electric vehicles that comes amid the ongoing supply chain crisis. This is not the first time when Tesla has increased the prices of the cars in recent times and previously, the automobile company has also announced a price increase for the vehicles and with this latest increase in the prices of Tesla cars and all the electric vehicles from the company will become pricier.

The electric vehicle producing company has also increased the price of its Model Y to 65,990 dollars from 62,990 dollars and this hike has come after delaying the deliveries of some long-range models in the United States by around a month.

The price hike of the cars has come after Elon Musk of Tesla has warned about the risk of a recession and he has also indicated that, the supply chain disruption has been impacting the production and sales of Tesla massively. It had been a clear indication of the price hike from Elon Musk that has been implemented and the price hike comes as the cost of the raw materials have been increased including aluminium that has been used in the cars.

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Apart from the other components like microchips and several other raw materials have also been facing the growing prices and the CEO of Tesla has also indicated that, the automobile company might also decrease the workforce of the company by around 10 percent.


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