Ford Recalls Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs for Fixing Brake Defect


The Automobile company ‘Ford’ is recalling around 115,000 Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs due to an audit of the government safety, which has identified an issue with how the brakes of cars might be performing in an emergency, and the audit has also found that, if the power brakes of the vehicles fail, then the drivers will not be able to stop within the distance, which is required by the federal safety regulations.

The problem has occurred because of the improperly manufactured linings of the rear brake, and the owners of these vehicles are only going to experience the issue if the power brakes of the cars failed. The company ‘Ford’ is also going to let the owners of the care know by mail of the vehicles have been included in the recall and when they have to bring their respective vehicles for a free repair to their dealerships.

This recall from Ford has been notable because how the issue had been identified, and the several automobile companies often use the internal tests for making sure that, their vehicles are meeting the standards of federal safety, which is a process known as self-certification.

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For meeting the standards of federal regulations, a vehicle like Bronco Sport or Escape should be able to stop within 551 feet while running in a speed of 60 mph if the power brakes of the vehicles have failed. Ford said, the companies is not aware of any of the injuries and crashes that are related to this recall, and the company is also in communication with the agency.


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