BMW EV Sales Doubled in the US


The premium Bavarian automaker announced today that its first-quarter sales of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) have increased by a factor of two in 2022.

The BMW Group saw growth of 112.3% in its BMW-badged models across a wide range of models, bringing its total BEV sales to 55,979 in the first quarter. Although its sales in the United States increased by 11.4% to 89,750, its global total sales reached a peak of 588,138, representing a 1.5% decrease over 2022.

The principal delays the BMW Gathering’s figures was Small scale, whose deals fell 9.7% to only 60,541 for the quarter as it sat tight for new BEV models to come on stream, and for its new immediate deals model, presented last month, to get momentum in China.

On the back of a booming i4 M50 BEV and the M3 Touring (wagon), even the high-profit performance arm of BMW saw significant growth, with sales rising 18.9% to 43,430 vehicles. This quarter, M will also introduce the M2 Coupe, as well as model updates for the X5 M, X6 M, X5, and X6 M60i.

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The BMW Group is on track to see a slight increase in sales for the entire year 2023. He stated that fully electric vehicles and models from the high-end premium segment, such as the new BMW i7, the new BMW 7 Series, the BMW XM, and the updated BMW X7, will be the primary growth drivers in 2023. This indicates that BMW places a higher value on margin than it does on volume.


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