Algeria Plan Clean Energy Projects to Supply Electricity to Europe

Power & Energy

OPEC oil maker Algeria is intending to fabricate sun-based energy and gas-worked power plants for sending out power to a few European nations, the country’s Energy Pastor was cited on Wednesday as saying.

Mohammed Arkab said that, in order to carry out those projects, the studies are being carried out in conjunction with “European partners.”

Elkbabar, an Arabic-language daily, and other Algerian publications cited him as saying that undersea cables would carry the electricity generated by such projects. Arkab added that Algeria is well-positioned to export electricity to Europe due to its massive gas deposits and estimated power production of nearly 25,000 MW.

Arkab said that they are currently conducting research and making-arrangements with Algeria’s partners in Europe to guarantee the success of these projects. He didn’t expound on such ventures separated from saying they include sun-based energy offices and gas-worked power plants. Clean energy from these projects will be shipped by sea to our European partners.


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