Tata Steel UK To Use Bacteria Technology For Recycling Its CO2 Emissions

Environment Technology

The blast furnaces of Tata Steel in the United Kingdom have been using billions of the microscopic bacteria for the purpose of converting the carbon dioxide emissions into the stock materials for the other industries for the purpose of making the recycled products like the food packaging to the animal feed.

A pilot project, which has been led by the University of South Wales has also been setting up at the two Port Talbot iron producing furnaces of Tata Steel United Kingdom in the region Wales.

Dr. Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown from the University of South Wales said, as the world has been coming to the terms with the challenges of the net-zero carbon dioxide steelmaking, and there have been lots of options for considering. She also said that, not only in the terms of the different types of steel producing technologies, but also around any opportunities for the purpose of capturing and using the processed gas based on carbon.

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She also said that, the process that they are testing bubbles off the gases from the blast furnaces through the sewage sludge, which has been containing a certain type of bacteria that is able to consume bot the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

She said, the team had been getting very high levels of the utilization of carbon, which they are feeling that, it can be increased by around 98 percent.

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