Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of explains our policy in terms of deactivation, suspension, termination, and removal of any of your information by website, and is a website which operates as a news website in order to deliver information, news about various domains and providing content through any of the gadgets connected by internet and this privacy policy is forming a part of the Terms of Use on the website.

The ‘’ have the right for taking any of the actions listed below at any time without giving any of the prior notice:

  • Removal any kind of content or information from the website as a whole or in parts.
  • Monitor or deactivate any user accounts from the website.
  • Not publishing any of the content or information for the user’s accounts.
  • Monitor or termination on the access of the users to the website.
  • Introducing new guidelines and additional and different policies and might also block some suspicious accounts and usage of the website.

The website might be taking any of the above-mentioned actions for any reason, which includes any kind of violation or breach of rules of website’s ‘Terms of Use’, along with the incorporated policies, limitations, and guidelines. The website with take the above actions if it is told to do so by any of the legal or government agencies.

If any image uploaded on the website belongs to any of the third party and any violation of copyrights is the responsibility of the author and not the website, which means the in case of any copyright violation, the legal owner of the image cannot hold the website responsible.

After the deactivation of any account for any reason, all the files, data and several other contents stored in that account, the website has the right for deleting all of it without informing or giving prior notice to the user.

The website will take the above actions for the purpose of providing safety to the rights, personal safety, and property of the third parties, along with any demand given from the problems related to the technical issues and security issues of the website.

We ‘’ reserve the right for you to take whatever actions that we deem is necessary on for the investigation of any of the suspected illegal and unauthorized use of the website, along with any breach of the ‘Terms of Use’. In addition, if the account of the user is deactivated because of any breach and violations of Terms of Use, the user will not be able to activate a new account or post content under any name(real or fake).