Honda To Launch 30 New Electric Vehicles By 2030


Honda Motor Co., is going to be launching 30 new electric vehicle models by the year 2030 along with a production of over two million vehicles every year. The company said that, it is going to spend 40 billion dollars on the electrification over the upcoming decade, which is including the construction of the company’s own electrification architecture and also exploring the new growth opportunities in the avatar robots, space exploration and eVTOL and many more.

Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda said, over the upcoming decade, Honda is going to be investing around 64 billion dollars in the research and development and additional 80 million dollars every year in the startups that can possibly help the company to expand its business and shift from selling the products along to offering the combined solutions. He also said that, the company is actively pursuing the inter-industry alliances and collaboration.

Kohei Takeuchi, senior vice president of Honda said that, the company is going to be relying on the external funding methods on a much-needed basis. In March 2022, the company said, it is going to issue the US dollars denominated Green Bonds, which will be totalling 2.75 billion dollars that will be allocated to the development and production of the zero-emission vehicles.

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Honda is also planning to introduce a very cheap mini electric vehicle model for the commercial use at price range of 8,000 dollars in Japan by 2024 and after this, the company is going to start launching the electric SUVs and mini electric vehicles.


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