Eco Wave Power Signs Agreement to Build 2-MW Wave Energy Power Station in Spain

Power & Energy

Eco Wave Power, a wave energy company headquartered in Israel has entered into an agreement with the Port Adriano of Spain for the purpose of constructing a 2 megawatt wave energy power plant in Spain.

The Port Adriano, which is a marina that belong to Ocibar, a construction company based in Spain, is going to be providing the site for a period of 20 years, and the Eco Wave Power is also going to be securing all the licenses, along with commissioning and ensuring the construction and also the sale of the electricity.

According to Eco Wave Power, this has been the first time when such type of technology is going to be deployed in Spain. Inna Braverman, chief executive officer and founder of Eco Wave Power said that, when it comes to the renewable energy, Spain will be seeing a sizable construction of a new renewables capacity for the purpose of reaching 74 percent of electricity generation by the year 2030.

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This combination of the ambitious renewable energy goals of Spain along with its significant coastline has been making it an optimal market for the Eco Wave Power, and they are very excited about the partnership with Port Adriano and would also like to thank Port Adriano for being great energy pioneers.

The new power plant is going to be constructed in two phases where the first is going to develop around one megawatt of the capacity and the second is going to develop the remaining capacity of around two megawatt.


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