Report: EVs To Be 33% Of Global New Car Sales By 2030


Around 18 countries in the world have set the goals for fully ending the sales of the passenger vehicles powered by diesel and gasoline and around half of which have been for the end of the year 2030.

The goal of China has been that, 25 percent of all the vehicles sales should be fully electric by 2025 and the target of India has been for 30 percent of the passenger vehicles by 2030 and the United States has been aiming for 50 percent decrease of all the vehicle sales by 2030.

By 2031, the electric vehicles (EVs) have been expected to account for more than 33 percent new car sales across the globe and the annual sales of electric vehicles has been projected for increasing ten-fold in the upcoming 15 years particularly in Europe and China because of the favourable policies and commitments for the automobile manufacturing companies.

The report notes that, the electric mobility has been one of the many ways in which the oil and gas companies have been diversifying their business for adapting to the energy transition that has already been in motion.

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The company including Total Energies, Shell and Mitsui has been developing the electric vehicle charging, along with battery production and other electric vehicles value chain capabilities through the partnerships and acquisitions.  


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