Meta To Test Money Making Tools For Its Metaverse


The technology company ‘Meta’ is starting to test the tools for selling the digital assets and experiences within the virtual reality platform of the company known as Horizon Worlds, which is a key part of the plan of the company for creating a metaverse.

The tools are going to be available initially to some handpicked set of the users, who are creating the virtual classes, along with the games and fashion accessories with the company’s immersive platform, which has been accessible through the virtual reality (VR) headsets.

The company ‘Meta’ said, by using one tool, the selected users are going to be able to sell their accessories and they can also offer the paid access to the specialized digital spaces, which they have built.

The social media company is also testing out a creator bonus program for a small set of the users of the Horizon World in the United States through which, it is going to be paying the participants every moth for the purpose of using the new features launched by the company.

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta said that, they want that, there should be tons of the awesome worlds and in order for that to happen, there are needs for being a lot of creators, who can possibly support themselves also making this their personal job.

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