Microsoft Adds Built-in Grammar Editor and Smart Web Selection in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has announced that, it is rolling out several major new features for the company’s edge browser, which is including the integration with the Microsoft editor, which had been launched few months ago. In addition, there has been a new web select feature that is making it much more easier for copying the content found on the web including the tables.

The integration of Microsoft Editor has been about what the people are expecting, and Editor has been the rival of Microsoft to Grammarly and just like the competitors it has usually been a browser extension that the people can install and use.

This new feature is provide the user with the punctuations and grammar corrections along with the suggestions for the purpose of making the text more easy for reading and now, this functionality has built the right into the Edge browser so that, the users does not have to growth through the trouble of installing the extension.

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The Editor in Microsoft Edge has been available in more than 20 languages but it is only going to apply to the main language that has been used by the browser of the users. Additionally, Microsoft said that, the corrections in the grammar, the company is going to be launching the text predictions in the languages including Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and French, and the company has also promised for making it more fast for writing what the users want to say.

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