EE Launches Small Cell Technology to Boost Mobile Quality in UK


Along with a quality of the service a main differentiator in a more competitive market, EE, a leading mobile operator in the United Kingdom that, it has successfully deployed around 200 new small cells across the network in the United Kingdom for the purpose of boosting the capacity in the areas of high demand.

The small cells consists of the mobile radio cells that are designed for helping in providing better coverage for the customers at the street level, where the company has often been impractical for building the larger sites and by working the local authorities of the areas, EE has also been making use of the existing street assets for the purpose of minimizing the impact of the new cells that is including the CCTV columns, lamp posts and also the boxes of BT phone.

They are also going to be located on a variety of the assets of the existing street and including the red and iconic telephone boxed that are still present throughout the United Kingdom, and the units have been offering discreet boosters for the coverage and are also a part of the objective of EE for the purpose of maintaining the leadership in the mobile network arena of the United Kingdom.

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EE has also been the first network of the United Kingdom for combining the licensed and unlicensed spectrum in a single small cell of 4G network, and the company is also saying that, by using the licensed assisted access (LAA) has been allowing the network operators for exploiting more capacity of 5GHz for a mobile phone.

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