US Supreme Court Blocks Texas Ban On Social Media Platforms From Moderating Posts


On Tuesday, 7th June 2022, the Supreme Court has blocked Texas from enforcing the law, which is banning the social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook from moderating the content and the critics said, it would have forced the extremist material onto the platforms.

The decision of the Supreme Court is going to block the enforcement of the law temporarily as the underlying case continues in the lower level federal courts. The 5-4 order had not been accompanies by an opinion that will be explaining the decision. The Justice of the Supreme Court said, it is not all obvious how their existing precedents that have been predating the age of the internet and should also apply to major social media companies.

Greg Abbott, a republican of the Texas Government has previously signed a bill that has been blocking the technology companies from restricting or removing the content, which is a response for un-substantiating the complaints from the Donald Trump, former president of the United States and several other conservatives because of the viewpoint.

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Two trade groups that has been representing the social media companies has told the high court that, the law will be compelling the sites to disseminate all kind of the objectionable viewpoints starting from the propaganda of Russia about its invasion of Ukraine to the posts that are encouraging children for adopting the unhealthy behaviour like the eating disorders.

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