Lion Energy Plans to Build Battery Factories Across US

Power & Energy

Lion Energy, a company that manufactures a range of the energy storage products starting from the backup generators for the purpose of camping and emergency use for the battery storage systems of the whole house.

The company said that, they are very much dedicated for providing the silent, safe and renewable power, which the people can use every day including surrounding of the house, yard also during an emergency, and the company also said that, they are doing this by the creation, engineering, manufacturing, testing and also delivering the high quality storage products of the energy for the play, home and work.

The company been completely committed for the purpose of using the LFP batteries due to the long life and also low risk of the thermal runaway, and according to the reports, the company has now created a new division known as the American Battery Factory, that has been intended for building a number for the facilities of the battery manufacturing for the purpose of making the LFP batteries in the United States.

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The effort cannot come at a more better time, as the drive for the transition to the renewable energy has now taken on a new agency as a result of the assault of Russia on the country of Ukraine.

Zhenfang Ge, chairman of the board of directors of Lion Energy said that, they are now talking a lot about the generation of the renewable energy as a society but not about how to store the energy, and without the batteries, that are moving to a completely green energy economy has been impossible.  


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