Shell to Pay $16-Million to Farmers of Nigeria

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Four Nigerian farmers and their communities will receive 16 million dollars in compensation from Shell for allegedly polluting the environment through oil pipeline leaks. The oil company and Friends of the Earth, a campaign group, reached an agreement on the amount.

A joint statement states that it is being given without any admission of responsibility. Environmental harm has been greatly exacerbated by Nigeria’s oil industry. The oil spills in this case occurred between 2004 and 2007, and the settlement came as a result of a Dutch court’s decision last year that the Nigerian Shell branch was to blame for the damage.

Shell had argued that sabotage was to blame for the leaks. Up until the beginning of this year, Shell’s headquarters were in the Netherlands. Campaigners praised the court’s decision in 2021 as the first time a multinational corporation had been held legally liable for a subsidiary’s actions.

With this compensation, they can once more strengthen their community, and they can start to reinvest in their living environment, said Eric Dooh, the son of one of the farmers who, along with the Dutch Friends of the Earth chapter, started the case in 2008.

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The communities in Goi, Oruma and Ikot Ada Udo will receive the funds. Despite the small amount of compensation, this development is viewed as a significant event by environmental activists and rural communities in the Niger Delta region. Oil pollution continues to harm many people’s lives and health in the region.


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