Study: Trees Should be Planted without Plastic Guards in UK


A UK study has found that, planting the trees in the country without the plastic tree guards should be a standard practice, as some of the leading landowners and conservation charities that are seeking the sustainable alternatives for the purpose of decreasing the plastic waste.

The Woodland Trust of United Kingdom has recently announced that, it has been aiming to stope the usage of the tree guards made of plastic by the end of 2021, and the trust is also trialing various plastic-free options at the Avoncliff site based in Wiltshire, UK, which is also including the British wool and cardboard, and the charity has also been planning to plant around 10 million trees every year until 2025.

Darren Moorcroft, chief executive of the Woodland Trust said, as being one of the biggest tree planters of the country, and also by making the commitment for going plastic free, they are all set for being the trailblazers in the field along with catalyzing a permanent change to the world of tree plantation.

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Since the decade of 1970s, the plant saplings have been generally planted in the translucent tube of plastics for the purpose of protecting the plants from being eaten by the browsing animals, although, the research, that has been analyzed by the lifecycle of the plastic and the trees has found that, it had been better for loosing a certain percentage of the saplings than using the plastic guards for the protection of the plants.


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