Tests: Car Tyres Produce More Particle Pollution Than Exhausts


The tests have shown that, around 2,000 times more particle pollution has been produced by the tyre wear than it is pumped out of the exhaust of the modern cars. The tyre particles polluting the air, water and soil and also contain a wide range of the toxic organic compounds, which is also including the known carcinogens and the analysts also say that, the tyre pollution can rapidly become a major issue for the regulators.

The air pollution has been causing millions of the early deaths a year across the globe and the requirement for the better filters has now meant the particle emissions from the tailpipes in the developed countries that are much lower in the new cars along with those in the continent of Europe far below the limit.

Although, the increasing weight of the car means more particles that are being thrown off by the tyres as they are wearing on the road. The tests have also revealed that, the tyres are producing over 1 trillion ultrafine particles for that are smaller than 23 nanometres. These particles are also emitted from the exhausts and have been of the special concern to the health as their size means that, they can possibly enter the organs through the bloodstream.

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Nick Molden, of the Emissions Analytics said, the tyres are rapidly eclipsing the tailpipe as an important source of emissions from the vehicles.


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