SEE, Delhaize USA and ExxonMobil Partner on Circularity Initiative


Ahold Delhaize USA, SEE and ExxonMobil announced that, all the companies have been partnered on an advanced recycling initiative, which is the first of its kind in the United States. This new project is going to be recycling the flexible plastics from the food supply and remaking them into the new and certified circular food-grade packaging. This initiative is also expected to start in 2022 and scaling over the time.

Brittni Furrow, vice president of health and sustainability at Ahold Delhaize USA said, they are very proud for working with the ExxonMobil and SEE on this partnership, which is having the potential for radically changing the way in which the manufacturers and the retailers been leveraging the food0grade recycled plastics as an important mean of keeping the plastics out of the landfills.

Brittni Furrow also said, they are very eager for learning from the work and also applying the learnings for advancing their own plastic ambitions, but also advancing these efforts on a large scale for ensuring a better future for the planet.

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This new partnership between the ExxonMobil, SEE and Ahold Delhaize USA is going to be provide help in increasing the use of the recycled content by the validation of the technical and economic viability of a certified circular system that is based on the mass balance distribution and advanced recycling technology. The flexible plastics are going to be designed for being recycled, collected and repurposed into the new food packaging.


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