US CDC Lifts Covid-19 Do Not Travel Restrictions on Around 90 Countries


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States said, it has now dropped the Do Not Travel corona virus recommendations for around 90 international destinations, which is also including Ireland.

The US CDC said that, it had been revising its travel recommendations and also said that, it is going to be reserving the Level 4 travel health notices for some of the special circumstances like the rapidly escalating case trajectory and also the extremely high case counts. The citizens of the United States have been travelling to Ireland and are now also advised for making sure that, the people are up to date along with the covid-19 vaccines before travelling to the countries.

Currently, the US CDC has listed no countries at Level 4, which has been a category, which US CDC has renamed the Do Not Travel, and the State Department of the United States said, it had also been planning for sharply decreasing back on the Do Not Travel advisories for the international destinations.

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The US State Department said that, it is going to leave around 10 percent of all the travel advisories at the Level 4, which is also including all the risk factors and not only covid-19 virus. The US CDC said that, they believe that, the updated framework is going to help the citizens of the United States for making better informed decisions regarding the safety of the international travel.


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