UK Government Grants 400-Million Pounds Loan To Johnson Matthey To Develop Hydrogen Technology


The United Kingdom is going to be a step closer for reaching the net-zero target by the year 2050 as the government has underwritten a loan of 400 million pounds for the purpose of boosting the research and development in the sustainable technologies.

The government of the United Kingdom will be giving the loan to Johnson Matthey (JM), which has been world leading multinational company based in region of London, which is specializing in the sustainable technology that are ranging from the metal recycling to the green hydrogen.

This financing has been provided by the Sumito Mitsui Banking Corporation, HSBC and Bank of America along with the backing of the UK government through the Export Finance of the United Kingdom.

The company ‘Johnson Matthey’ is going to be investing in the latest research and development into the sustainable technologies across the world, and this loan is going to be supporting the high-skilled jobs at home, along with the company that is employing thousands of the people in the green jobs across the regions including Swindon, London, Lancashire and Hertfordshire of the United Kingdom.

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The loan is further going to be further investing in the hydrogen technologies and they can heat their houses and they are now having the fleets of the hydrogen HGVs across the United Kingdom and also providing the fuel that is needed for heaving sectors like the production of glass or steel.


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