UK Government Boosting New Technologies for Renewable Energy Storage

Power & Energy

Around 7 million pounds have been awarded by the government of the United Kingdom for the purpose of turbocharging the projects in the United Kingdom that have been developing the innovative energy storage technologies in the first round of the competition backed by the government of the United Kingdom.

The intermittent nature of the renewables such as the wind and solar power means that, the energy can possibly be produced when it is not going to be needed like during the extended periods of the high wind. Although, as the new technologies have been developed, and this energy can possibly be stored for the longer period along with providing help in managing the electricity production variations and also increasing the resilience while increasing the value for money.

There are 24 renewable energy projects based across the United Kingdom have been awarded the first round of the funding through the competition of Longer Duration Energy Storage, which has been worth 68 million dollars in total.

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These projects are also going to be benefiting from a share of more than 6.7 million pounds for the purpose of developing the new technologies for energy storage that can possibly utilize the energy that is stored as heat.

Greg Hands, energy and climate change minister of the United Kingdom said, driving further the energy storage technologies is going to be vital in the transition towards the clean, cheap and secured renewable energy.


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