Study: Covid-19 Vaccine Shots Prompt Rare Inflammation in Kids


According to a US study, the novel corona virus vaccine are unlikely for triggering a are inflammatory condition that has been linked to the corona virus infection in the children. This condition, which has been formally known as the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in the children that is involving fever along with the symptoms that is affecting at least two organs and the symptoms often include the stomach pain, bloodshot eyes and rash on the skin.

This has been rare complication in the kids, who have had the corona virus and it very rarely affects in the adults, and this condition has often leading the people to the hospitalizations but most of the people recover from it.

The inflammation has been firstly reported in the United Kingdom in early 2020, and it has been sometimes mistaken for the disease known as Kawasaki, that can possibly cause heart problems and swelling. Since the month of February 2020, over 6,800 cases have also been reported in the United States as per the data from the US CDC.

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The US CDC and US FDA has also added the condition to a list of the several potential adverse events, and several cases has also reported in the people with no evidence that cannot be detectable of the novel corona virus infections has been prompting the researchers at the US CDC.


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