ENGIE North America and NJIT Partner to Source Electricity from Renewable Energy

Power & Energy

A subsidiary of ENGIE North America and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) announced that, the university is going to be purchasing the renewable energy from a portfolio of the facilities of hydropower, which has been equal for around 100 percent of the forecasted electricity consumption of the company, and this agreement is going to be achieve one of the powerful commitments for the procurement of renewable power in the purchase of retail energy.

Andrew P. Christ, senior vice president Capital Operations and Real Estate Development said, the commitment of NJIT for the sustainability has been the main pillar of their strategic plan, with the help of this procurement of the energy for the sustainable resources, which the university is going to be decreasing the carbon footprint as part of the orientation of the university for the integrating the sustainability in their daily life of the community.

The Premier Energy Group and ENGIE Resources has been designed a unique solution that is going helping the NJIT for achieving the pursuit of the university of and also progressing towards making the sustainability an institutional learning target, which has been embedded through the academic curriculum and experience of the campus.

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For the year 2022, the NJIT is going to be purchasing around 43,800 megawatt-hours of the supply of the clean and renewable energy generation form the portfolio known as Smoky Mountain Hydropower that has been located along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and Tennessee, and this hydropower portfolio has been owned and operated by the Bookfield Renewable US based in New York.


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