BMW adds Digital Dog Spike in its MINI Concept Aceman Model


Spike, a new intelligent personal assistant named after the English Bulldog that has appeared in previous Mini advertisements, has been announced by Mini, the British car brand owned by German automaker BMW. Spike will be integrated into the Mini Concept Aceman’s cockpit for the first time at the Shanghai auto show later this month. We can’t resist the urge to concur with jalopnik, which focuses that the entire declaration has very “Microsoft Clippy” flows.

It is planned that Spike will eventually appear in future production automobiles. The Aceman Crossover SUV, the Mini Countryman, and the Mini Cooper will be among these upcoming models, according to reports. Exactly what Spike will be able to do in these vehicles is less clear, but in Shanghai, the Aceman’s central circular OLED display and dashboard are said to provide “various forms of support” to attendees. Over the course of this year, anticipate the release of additional specific details.

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Oliver Heilmer, the head of design at Mini, stated that they are currently transforming Spike into a digital character. He is becoming more than just a design experiment; rather, he is becoming a likable partner for the user experience. According to the report, Spike sounds a lot like a feature that is already in use by BMW and uses a simple voice to show drivers how to use the car’s infotainment features, however, the voice may now include a cartoon dog.


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