National Parks UK, BMW Partner for EV Recharging Points

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Recharge in Nature, a new three-year partnership between National Parks UK and BMW UK, will assist in making the 15 National Parks more accessible to electric vehicles. The parks’ projects for sustainability, well-being, biodiversity, nature restoration, and sustainability will all be supported by the partnership. The UK’s 15 Public Parks are visited north of 100 million times every year and 90 percent of these visits are made via vehicle.

The limited recharging networks in the National Parks are being put under more and more pressure as a result of the rising demand for electric vehicles, which make up 14% of new car sales in the UK. The Pod Point recharging posts that will be installed at key locations throughout the 15 UK National Parks as part of BMW’s Recharge in Nature project will improve this network.

The Lake Region Public Park is the primary area, where the establishment of re-energizing posts has proactively begun. Through the Recharge in Nature Fund, BMW UK and National Parks UK will also collaborate over the next three years to support locally delivered initiatives.

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The South Downs National Park’s dew pond restoration will be supported by the first Recharge in Nature Fund grant. In 2023, it will begin supporting projects in Snowdonia, Dartmoor, Loch Lomond, and The Trossachs. Projects in the other 11 National Parks are still to be determined.

In a statement, Chris Brownridge, CEO of BMW UK, said that enhancement of the EV recharging network in the UK’s National Parks will help make these favorite destinations more accessible for the increasing number of drivers who choose an electric car and support local communities in their shift to the new technology.

According to Richard Leafe, CEO of Lake District National Park, one of the best ways to achieve our goal of becoming a net-zero national park by 2037 is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated by visitor travel.


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