Report: Tesla Plans to Import China-Made EVs to the US


According to reports, Tesla has considered exporting electric vehicles manufactured in China to the United States and Canada in order to connect its largest manufacturing facility to its largest market in North America.

The individuals, who requested anonymity due to the private nature of the discussion, claim that Tesla has been evaluating the possibility of offering electric cars manufactured in Shanghai’s Gigafactory for sale in North America as early as 2024.

They claim that Tesla considered when conducting its review whether components produced by its Chinese suppliers would be in accordance with US and Canadian regulations.

The Shanghai facility has been developing a preliminary plan for a small-batch test run of vehicle production in the first quarter of 2023 that would meet North American export standards.

On Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter simply “False” with no further explanation. Reuters contacted Tesla representatives in Austin, Texas, but they declined to comment on Musk’s statement or provide additional details. A screen capture of Musk’s forswearing was given accordingly by a Tesla delegate in China.

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As recently as the previous two weeks, a memo outlining some of the steps being taken by the Shanghai factory to test its preparedness by early 2023 and the evaluation of possible shipments to North America from Shanghai had been developed.


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