Huawei Says, it has Developed Domestic Chip Design Tools Despite US Sanctions


According to reports, Huawei said that it has developed its own tools for designing chips in an effort to circumvent US sanctions and increase the Chinese technology giant’s level of self-sufficiency in the semiconductor industry.

According to a speech that was obtained by the Chinese financial and business publication Yicai, Eric Xu, the rotating chairman of Huawei, stated that the company, along with other domestic businesses, jointly created the electronic chip design tools required to produce semiconductors at 14 nanometers and beyond. According to Eric Xu, those tools will be tested this year, allowing for their use.

Huawei would have taken a step toward lessening its reliance on US semiconductor technology if the claims made by Xu were true. With companies like Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys, US companies dominate the chip design tool market. However, in 2020, Washington crippled Huawei’s smartphone business by cutting it off from American chipmaking tools through sanctions.

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In his speech, Xu said that the design tools would be for chips larger than 14 nanometers. The size of each individual transistor on a chip is referred to as the nanometer figure. The more modest the semiconductor, a greater amount of them can be stuffed onto a solitary semiconductor. Commonly, a decrease in nanometer size can yield all the more remarkable and proficient chips.

Nonetheless, 14 nanometer chips are a few ages behind the thing is at present being placed into the most recent cell phone innovation. A chip of 5 nanometers is used, for instance, in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, some of the company’s other products may make use of 14-nanometer chips.

CNBC was informed by Pranay Kotasthane, chairperson of the Takshashila Institution’s high-tech geopolitics program, that he would wait to learn the effectiveness of Huawei’s design tools until he received additional information.

According to Kotasthane’s explanation, contract chip manufacturing companies, also known as foundries, collaborate with companies that design semiconductors to produce a set of files known as a Process Design Kit. This PDK models the physical and electrical characteristics of a chip’s fundamental components. In order to guarantee the highest possible yield of semiconductors, the manufacturer and design firm must go through a process to optimize production.


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