Samsung to Begin Mass Production of Third-Gen 4nm Semiconductor Chips


According to a new report, Samsung will begin mass producing the third-generation 4nm chips in the first half of 2023. In the field of ultra-micro fabrication processes, it is the primary product of the foundry. One of the main issues in the early stages of the process, which was stabilizing the yield, was solved by the company thanks to technological advancements in performance, power consumption, and area improvements.

The company was able to proceed with the production of third-generation 4nm chips and attract large corporate customers thanks to the enhancements made by Samsung Foundry. The 2.3-generation process will serve as the basis for these 4nm chips. In addition, Samsung Foundry has not previously specified a mass production time for a 4nm follow-up model.

When compared to the SF4E chip, it appears that earlier versions of the 4nm chips utilized smaller areas and displayed superior performance as well as lower power consumption. Samsung, on the other hand, had a difficult time controlling chip yield. Samsung Electronics lost Qualcomm, its largest customer, to TSMC as a result of this issue. Additionally, it recently lost TSMC’s significant 4nm chip order from Tesla. The company’s success hinged on the increased yield of third-generation 4nm chips.

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According to reports, Samsung also increased the production capacity of its 4nm chips as its yield reached 60%. However, compared to its rival TSMC, which is known to be in the 70-80% range, this is still low. According to internal sources, TSMC’s yield is consistently rising, and mass production of the follow-up model is also accelerating.


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