France, UK Partner to Advance Renewable and Nuclear Energy Sources

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In order to advance the development of nuclear and renewable energy sources, the United Kingdom and France have collaborated. As part of the collaboration agreement, the nations will collaborate to advance nuclear and renewable energy sources. In such a volatile energy landscape, this will help accelerate the transition away from environmentally harmful fossil fuels and enhance energy security.

The agreement, which will enable the UK and France to expand their civil nuclear energy capabilities, was signed by Grant Shapps, Secretary of Energy Security, and Agnes Pannier Runacher, Energy Minister of France.

Making the most of renewable energy sources will reduce customers’ energy costs. The agreement will also lead to the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs in the United Kingdom by removing obstacles to the implementation of cutting-edge low-carbon technologies like hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCUS).

As per UK Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Award Shapps, flourishing economies require plentiful and reliable energy. Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that the only way to ensure energy security is through cooperation with our international friends.

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They already have a partnership with France through these energy interconnectors, but they both want to go much further. As a result of this agreement, our interconnected power could increase by two-thirds and the UK and France could gain energy independence and security.

The UK and France presently have three spread out energy interconnectors with a breaking point regarding 4 GW of force interconnection. Dependent upon administrative endorsement, the new arrangement vows to expand this, possibly expanding power interconnection by up to 66% essentially. By enhancing electricity connections between the two nations, the United Kingdom will be able to achieve its goal of having at least 18 GW of interconnection capacity by 2030.


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