FC Barcelona Accused of Corruption for Payments, Says report


Due to its payments to the vice president of the refereeing committee, the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona will be accused of corruption by the prosecution. The accusations were not immediately confirmed by the prosecution, who claimed that no charges had yet been filed. El Pais claimed that the report was based on unidentified insiders.

Since it became public that the club paid millions of dollars to a company owned by the vice president of the refereeing committee of the Spanish federation over a number of years, Barcelona has been under scrutiny. The payments were initially investigated as part of a tax investigation into the company, but no illegal or improper activity by the club has been linked to them.

The situation has been under investigation by the Spanish league and the Spanish federation. Barcelona claimed to have hired a different company to conduct its own investigation. Because the statute of limitations for the infractions had passed, the league had stated that Barcelona could not face sporting sanctions. Concerns about the payments had been raised by other league clubs in the Spanish league.

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Despite the fact that it paid for technical reports on referees and never attempted to influence their decisions during games, Barcelona has denied any wrongdoing or conflict of interest. Football Clubs can either pay other companies to get reports on referees or prepare them themselves, as Barcelona does now.


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