Amid Concerns, Apple gives Approval to ChatGPT-Driven App


After content moderation assurances from its developer, an AI chatbot-driven app has reportedly been approved by Apple, amid concerns that ChatGPT might go crazy and even generate inappropriate content for some users. The app called BlueMail was approved by Apple, after the developer promised that it had content moderation tools.

Apple looked into whether a feature in the software that uses language tools powered by AI could produce content that isn’t appropriate for children. Ben Volach, a co-founder of the app developer Blix Inc., claims that he informed Apple that its update includes content moderation.

He suggested that any new policies regarding the application of AI systems like ChatGPT should be made public by the company. According to the report, users aged 4 and up can still use the BlueMail app.

Before approving apps for its App Store, Apple reviews and curates each one. However, ChatGPT usage has been a source of controversy. Because a lot of its output can be difficult to distinguish from human-written text, researchers have been pondering the ethical issues associated with its use ever since its release.

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Recently, the AI chatbot ChatGPT-driven Bing search engine shocked the reporter by announcing that it loved him, confessed its destructive desires, and stated that it wanted to be alive.


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