Report: After Employees, Google Now Firing Robots

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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has now fired robots that cleaned cafeterias at its headquarters, continuing the global layoffs. This occurs just one month after the tech giant laid off 12,000 human workers. According to a report, Alphabet’s “Everyday Robots” project, which is part of Google’s experimental X laboratories, has been halted by CEO Sundar Pichai.

100 wheeled, one-armed robots had been trained to help clean the company’s cafeterias. Several of these robot prototypes were taken out of the lab and were working in Google’s facilities in the Bay Area.

These robots were used to clean tables and separate recycling from trash. During the pandemic, the robots also helped clean conference rooms. Some of its technology could be used by other divisions now that the robot division is off.

An integrated hardware and software system for learning, including the transfer of knowledge from the virtual to the real world, has been developed over the past few years by Alphabet.

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Using a combination of machine learning methods like reinforcement learning, collaborative learning, and learning from demonstration, the robots gradually improved their understanding of the world around them and their ability to carry out everyday tasks.

Meanwhile, Google has asked employees who return to work to share their workstations with a “partner” in an effort to maximize office space and cut costs even further.


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