Meta Introduces New Tools that let Teens Delete Revealing Videos, Photos from Instagram, Facebook


Teenagers now have access to a new Meta tool that removes previously uploaded sexually explicit images or videos from Instagram and Facebook. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is in charge of the new Meta tool, which goes by the name “Take It Down.

Take It Down is a free service that allows teens or their parents to anonymously submit videos or photos that they are concerned might be uploaded to the internet or that have already been shared online.

A web-based tool can be used to convert such images into digital fingerprints, or hashes, which are then sent to NCMEC and shared with platforms. Hash-matching technology will be used by the social media platforms to block any attempts to upload the original images.

The emerging issue of sextortion, in which children are coerced or deceived into sharing intimate images with another person online and then threatened or blackmailed with the prospect of having those images published on the internet, is the focus of the new Meta tool.

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While others are after money, some offenders are motivated to extract even more explicit images from the child.

To ensure that the images remain on the child’s or parent’s device, the ‘Take It Down’ hashes them in the browser. The platform’s hash-matching technology will find a match if the extortionist tries to upload the original images, and the newly uploaded image will be reviewed by a content moderator.


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