UK HSE to Introduce Regulatory Sandbox for Industrial Safety Technology


As part of its Discovering Safety initiative, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) invites technology companies to participate in an Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox. This initiative was created to investigate how better technology and regulation can enhance safety and risk management in industrial workplaces.

Discovering Safety, which is presented in collaboration with the Safetytech Accelerator, a non-profit organization established by Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation to encourage a broader adoption of safety-related technologies, focusing specifically on discovering novel strategies for utilizing data and analytics to prevent accidents at work.

The launch of the sandbox, which is scheduled to begin in April 2023, will initially focus on innovations related to significant areas of construction risk, such as falls from heights, vehicle collisions, crane operations, and manual handling.

Software can be tested in real-world situations in regulatory sandboxes, like those being developed by the UK’s information commissioner, under the close supervision of regulators or other oversight bodies.

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The HSE has stated that the sandbox will also investigate methods for risk assessment and better regulatory compliance; aid in accelerating the use of tried-and-true safety technology products; and work to learn about and get rid of obstacles that could hold up the introduction of new safety technologies.

It will also work with industry, the tech industry, and HSE as a regulator in a tripartite approach to find common safety issues and find solutions.

A grant of 555,000 pounds from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund, is funding the project. Helen Balmforth, head of data analytics at HSE and project leader for the Discovering Safety project, said that they are committed to supporting innovation in health and safety and also exploring ways that they can be innovative in how we approach regulation.


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