UK Accounted for 0.3% of Semiconductor Patents Globally in 2022


According to a research, the United Kingdom only held 0.3% of global patents in the semiconductor industry last year. According to Mathys & Squire, an intellectual property law firm, the number of newly filed patents in the semiconductor industry increased by 59% over the past five years to just under 70,000.

Even with innovative UK-based businesses in the industry, the UK may still be behind despite this boost. China submitted a quarter of microchip patents, while the United States submitted more than half.

Despite the fact that companies like Arm have a long history of developing technologies in this field, Britain may be losing ground in the sector due to a lack of government support and rapid growth in foreign markets.

In recent months, the government has received a lot of criticism for not supporting research and development (R&D) in the semiconductor industry and elsewhere.

The UK technology community has criticized the Conservatives’ decision to restrict access to tax credits for companies developing new technologies in order to combat fraudulent claims.

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In relation to the semiconductor industry in particular, the government has also come under increasing pressure to implement a microchip strategy in order to support and enhance the UK’s position in this vital sector.

Politicians, organizations representing the industry, and tech entrepreneurs have all asserted that Britain is trailing both the dominant semiconductor cluster in Asia, led by China and Taiwan, and western competitors, such as the Europe and the US.


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