Android Phones in India Could Soon be Launched without Preloaded Google Apps


In India, Google has been fighting the antitrust case against Android for some time. However, Google recently suffered a significant setback when conditions were imposed on its business practices. Removing Google apps from Android phones was one of the clauses, which means that there would be no preloading of apps like Gmail, Maps, and Chrome on smartphones in the country.

According to a report, the specifics of the document state that Google will only be permitted to preload the Play Store on Android smartphones in India. It was clear to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) that Google was using its smartphone market monopoly to sell its own products to customers.

Users have found these apps to be convenient because they are installed by default, but the competition claims that Google has restricted their growth and reach to smartphone users. Google was forced to create an India-focused Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (iMADA), which must be shared with the company’s handset partners in India and get their signature before it can be implemented. The CCI has instructed Google to make changes in India, which are emphasized in the terms of this agreement.

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The absence of a shortcut for Google apps on the homescreen and the provision of a Google Search homescreen widget by handset partners with Google are no longer required.

Google will now also give users the option to choose their default web browser rather than constantly pushing Chrome. The tipper does say that Google can still get partners to preload Google apps, but they will have to pay for it. Additionally, the billing system is now transparent, enabling additional businesses to link their processes.


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