Technology Giants to face Tough European Union Rules


Due to the large user bases, tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and TikTok are subject to more stringent regulations regarding online content in the European Union.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) imposes risk management and external and independent auditing on businesses with more than 45 million users, classifying them as very large online platforms (VLOPs). They will also be required to adhere to a code of conduct and share data with authorities and researchers.

Online search engines and platforms were given until February 17 to publish their monthly active users by the European Commission. Those who are identified as VLOPs have four months to comply with the regulations or face penalties. Based on an estimate of the previous 45 days, Twitter reported on Thursday that it had 100.9 million EU average monthly users.

Alphabet, the owner of Google, stated that users can access its services regardless of whether they sign in with an account or are signed out, providing one set of numbers based on account recipients and another set based on signed-out recipients.

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It stated that Google Maps had 278.6 million signed-in users on average each month, Google Play had 274.6 million, Google Search had 332 million, Google Shopping had 74.9 million, and YouTube had 401.7 million.

Apple claimed that a very large online platform was only the iPhone-built App Store with over 45 million monthly users. However, the App Store for iPads, Mac computers, Apple TV, and paid subscriptions to Apple Books e-books and podcasts will all be subject to the same regulations.

On its website, Apple said that, Apple intends to align each of the existing versions of the App Store with the existing DSA requirements for VLOPs on an entirely voluntary basis. Microsoft’s Bing search engine had 107 million average monthly users in the final six months of 2022, while Amazon claimed to have more than 45 million EU users.

From August 1st of last year to January 31st of this year, the e-commerce site AliExpress operated by Alibaba Group Holdings reported that its average monthly active users in the EU exceeded 45 million. Based on estimates from the past 45 days, TikTok has 100.9 million EU users who use the app on an average monthly basis.


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