Canada Pledges Around $149-Billion to Fix Healthcare System


To help the failing healthcare system in Canada, the government has pledged nearly $149 billion in funding over ten years. In an announcement made on, February 14, 2023, the funding was presented as a system fix for the next generation.

Canada’s hospitals have been fighting staff shortages and long wait times for treatment for months. Since then, there have been a few reports of patients dying while waiting for treatment. To provide free, universal access to essential hospital and doctor visits for all citizens and permanent residents, the Canadian healthcare system is funded by the taxpayer.

It is funded by a combination of federal and provincial funds, but it is managed at the local level. Through the Canada Health Transfer, the federal government contributes approximately 25% of funding. Canada’s provincial premiers, who have repeatedly urged Mr. Justin Trudeau to increase federal spending on healthcare, heard the funding pitch from Mr. Justin Trudeau.

However, Mr. Justin Trudeau had stated that he would not increase funding without conditions. Mr. Justin Trudeau said that, after a meeting with the premiers on Tuesday that his government is taking immediate action to ensure that Canadians continue to have faith in our public system.

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This is a huge country built on big progressive ideas. The promise of universal, publicly funded healthcare is perhaps the single most important aspect of Canadian identity. His plan calls for spending $196.1 billion on healthcare over a decade, $46.2 billion of which is new money in addition to the money already budgeted.

Over the next ten years, the Canada Health Transfer to provinces will see a total increase of approximately 61 percent. It is less than what the premiers of Canada wanted; they had asked Mr. Trudeau for a $28 billion annual increase.


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