BMW to Start Manufacturing Electric Vehicles in Mexico


BMW intends to establish a high-voltage battery assembly and electric models of the Neue Klasse at its plant in San Luis Potos beginning in 2027. The automaker announced that it would invest 800 million euros in the location of the production facility and establish approximately 1,000 new jobs there.

In July 2022, there were rumors of such plans, but BMW did not confirm them, stating that it would not comment on rumors about future vehicle generations.

At the same time, the company built the foundation for its factory in Debrecen, Hungary, where, beginning in 2025, BMW will invest more than one billion euros to produce New Class models. The factory will be the first in the world to produce cars without CO2 and can produce up to 150,000 units per year, according to BMW.

Milan Nedeljkovi, a member of the Board of Management, said that their production network is being systematically geared toward electric mobility. They are investing 800 million euros in their plant in Mexico and creating approximately 1,000 new jobs. According to Milan Nedeljkovi, their plant in Debrecen, Hungary, will begin producing the first vehicles of the Neue Klasse in 2025, followed by their main plant in Munich. From 2027 onwards, they will integrate the NEUE KLASSE at Plant San Luis Potos, which will result in additional volumes.

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In August 2022, BMW announced that from 2026, vehicles based on the new platform will also be produced at the company’s main plant in Munich. Additionally, the German automaker announced in October, 2022 that it would invest an additional 1.7 billion dollars in its Spartanburg, South Carolina, facility as well as in the construction of a brand-new battery assembly center in the area of Woodruff.

By 2030, BMW intends to manufacture “at least six” fully electric BMW X models in the United States. In April, the plant will start a second shift, adding 500 new jobs. San Luis Potos will then employ approximately 1,000 people.


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