UK Government Invests 77-Million Pounds in Clean Maritime Technology


A multimillion-pound Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition was launched to assist in decarbonizing the country’s maritime technology. As a result, the maritime industry in the UK is on its way to becoming net-zero. Zero-emission ferries, cruises, and cargo ships will soon be possible in the UK thanks to the 77 million pounds investment in clean maritime technology made by the government.

According to Mark Harper, a member of parliament and the head of the UK department for transport and Innovate UK, the funding will transport the technology from the factory to the sea and determine which projects will have a long-term effect on lowering emissions.

Successful projects must demonstrate that they can utilize this funding to collaborate with major UK port operators to launch a zero-emission vessel by 2025. Ships powered by low-carbon fuels like hydrogen or ammonia, shoreside electrical power, and wind-assisted ferries are all examples of this kind of technology.

Mark Harper, transportation secretary, said that they are ensuring that their world-leading maritime sector has a greener future because they are acting on all transport modes when it comes to combating climate change. The latest technological concepts will benefit from this multimillion-pound investment, which will also guarantee that in the coming years, eco-friendly cargo ships, ferries, and cruises will visit UK waters. A cleaner freight system, eco-friendly tourism, and a net-zero maritime sector will all benefit from our funding.

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Mike Biddle, net zero director for Innovate UK, said that another significant milestone in the execution of the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions program to accelerate the transition to net zero is the most recent investment of 77 million pounds in clean maritime innovation. In order to carry out the ZEVI competition, Innovate UK will collaborate closely with the Department for Transport. As a result, the UK will see real-world demonstrations of clean maritime technologies for many years.


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