EverWind Gets Approval for Green Hydrogen Facility of North America

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EverWind Fuels, founded by private equity veteran Trent Vichie, said that it became the first green hydrogen producer in North America to obtain the permits required for a facility of a commercial scale.

Trent Vichie also said that the facility’s first phase of production will be powered by nearby wind and solar assets. In December, the company leased 137,000 acres to place turbines that will eventually generate 2 gigawatts of wind energy and power the second, larger phase of production.

Trent Vichie added that, this provides an amazing green growth path for Atlantic Canada, which has some of the best wind resources in the world.

EverWind received environmental approval from provincial authorities in Canada to begin transforming a former oil storage facility and marine terminal in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia, into a hub for green hydrogen and ammonia production.

Only in terms of how it is made does green hydrogen differ from conventional hydrogen; It is made by passing water through electrolysers to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The electrolysers are powered by renewable energy so that the process doesn’t produce carbon dioxide that makes climate change worse.

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Transportation, industrial processes, and the production of fertilizers all make use of hydrogen. Given its potential to assist in meeting emission-reduction goals, many governments are including the fuel’s green form in their future energy plans.

EverWind anticipates that the project’s first phase, which will produce and export 200,000 tons per year, will be operational in 2025. The subsequent year, production will increase to 1 million tons per year.

China currently produces the majority of green hydrogen worldwide; however, the International Energy Agency estimates that China’s total supply will account for less than 1% of global hydrogen production in 2021.

Before being shipped in liquid form in tankers to Germany, the green hydrogen produced by EverWind’s facility will be combined with nitrogen and transformed into ammonia. There, it can be used as ammonia or converted back into green hydrogen.


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