Lamborghini aims to Cross 100 Units Sales Goal in India in 2023


Sharad Agarwal, the company’s country head, recently stated that Automobili Lamborghini, a luxury car manufacturer based in Italy, aims to surpass 100 million sales in the Indian market this year. Days later, the company made the announcement that it had record sales in India in 2022, with 92 units sold, up 33% from the previous year.

According to Sharad Agarwal, it will indeed be in their direction. This has been the question for quite some time. They anticipate how we might reach the century mark in 2023 and the three-digit mark. They are optimistic that this will be their course of action.

Sharad Agarwal went on to say that they will begin the transition into the company’s next phase this year, when they will hybridize the entire model range. Then, in 2024, they will introduce the hybrid Urus and a brand-new hybrid V10, which will be a direct competitor to the Huracan.

Agarwal added that they are not seeing any change in their business pattern business in the country, when asked if the company is confident of reaching 100 units sold in 2023. In fact, they are beginning the year with a very, very strong order book, and the country’s average wait time for each of our models is approximately 18 months.

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In India, Lamborghini sells a variety of super-luxury automobiles that start at 3.8 crore. Additionally, this fiscal year, the company intends to introduce the nation’s first hybrid vehicle. In the first quarter of 2023, the vehicle will be presented to global markets for the first time.

Sharad Agarwal noted that India emerged as one of Lamborghini’s fastest-growing markets worldwide and in Asia Pacific, and the SUV Urus made up more than 60% of the business the company did in India.


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