Report Says, Forever Chemicals Still being used in UK Make-up Products


According to reports, major beauty brands like Urban Decay, Revolution, and Inglot sell makeup in the UK that contains forever chemicals. These pollutants, known as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), have been linked to serious health issues like cancer.

Although they are not prohibited in the United Kingdom, five European nations are anticipated to propose a ban across European Union. L’Oreal, Revolution, and Inglot, which own Urban Decay, informed the BBC that they were gradually eliminating the chemicals. The Poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are extremely valuable to the cosmetics industry due to their resistance to oil and water.

They have historically been added to cosmetics to extend their shelf life, enhance finish, and maintain lipstick and eyeshadow colour. Due to increasing evidence of their harmful effects on health and the environment, many brands are now PFAS-free.

Scientists and politicians are concerned even at these levels because PFAS can build up in the environment, and research is ongoing to determine the effects from lower levels of exposure, such as in cosmetics.

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PFAS exposure in laboratory animals resulted in birth defects, liver damage, and newborn deaths, according to studies. So far, the majority of these studies have tested doses higher than those typically found in the environment.

Consumers should be concerned about low-level contamination in products due to the lack of information on the long-term toxic effects, according to Prof. Miriam Diamond, an environmental chemist at Toronto University whose lab has previously investigated contamination in US cosmetics.

These substances have strong bonds that cannot be broken down naturally, they start to accumulate in rivers, soil, and even human blood as more products are used and disposed of, like washing makeup off.


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