UK Government Launches New Plans for EV Charging


A ground-breaking plan to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging means that consumers of electric vehicles will be able to save money on gas and electricity and drive more efficiently.

The UK government and Ofgem published the Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Action Plan on January 17, 2023, outlining the actions being taken to capitalize on the significant potential of smart charging and make it the preferred method of long-distance charging by 2025.

Smart charging capitalizes on the potential of energy use data and the most recent energy innovations to provide significant benefits to consumers. These benefits include the ability for motorists to charge electric vehicles when electricity is less expensive or cleaner, the ability for consumers to power their homes with electricity stored in their electric vehicles, and even the ability to sell that electricity back to the grid for a profit. Through smarter charging, it is anticipated that drivers who travel a lot could save up to 1,000 pounds per year.

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In addition, the government today announced funding in the amount of 16 million pounds from the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) for technologies that take advantage of the potential of smart charging. These technologies include a smart street lamppost that will enable motorists to access smart charging while on the move and projects that will enable domestic appliances.

Graham Stuart, Minister of Energy and Climate Change, stated that they want to make it easier for drivers of electric vehicles to choose smart charging, whether that means charging in the country or on the driveway. They must use the most recent technologies to rapidly construct new network infrastructure in order to accomplish this.

As energy regulator, Ofgem Director for Strategy and Decarbonisation Neil Kenward stated that they are contributing to the development of the infrastructure necessary to achieve Britain’s net zero future at the lowest possible cost to customers.

By utilizing the opportunities to use batteries to both power homes and fuel the larger grid, Neil Kenward’s most recent innovative plan will help to maximize the benefits of smart charging, provide consumers with significant savings, and reduce the overall cost of energy.


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