Foundation says, Wikipedia Needs New Safety Rules


A prominent member of Wikipedia’s foundation asserts that the Online Safety Bill ought to treat it differently from the major social media companies. The entire writing and editing of the encyclopaedia are done by thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Rebecca MacKinnon of the Wikimedia Foundation also claims that a proposed amendment to the bill would restrict freedom of speech.

The goal of the bill is to keep people safe online from harmful content. The encyclopaedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization. According to Ms. MacKinnon, the foundation is concerned about the bill’s impact on sites run by volunteers.

She said that public interest websites like Wikipedia and large corporations will be affected by the prospect of severe new criminal penalties for tech bosses. According to Ms. MacKinnon, the law ought to be based on the EU Digital Services Act, which, according to her, makes a distinction between centralized content moderation performed by employees and community volunteers in the style of Wikipedia.

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According to the government, the bill aims to strike a balance between tackling harm and burdening low-risk tech companies with unnecessary requirements. According to the statement, Ofcom will focus on services where the risk of harm is highest when monitoring and enforcing the safety duties outlined in the bill.

However, lawyers have also noted that some of the responsibilities in the bill, which are marketed as a means of restraint against big technology, will affect much smaller services that allow users to communicate with one another.

Nearly fifty Tory MPs wanted to add two-year prison terms to the Online Safety Bill for managers who fail to prevent children from viewing harmful content. Ministers have now pledged to present similar proposals as part of a deal they made with the rebels to avoid defeat.

According to Neil Brown, a lawyer who specializes in internet and telecommunications law, the bill and the amendment would impose pages of responsibilities on someone who, for fun, runs their own social media or photo/video sharing server or hosts a multi-player game in which players can chat with each other or view each other’s content or creations.


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