Mercedes-Benz to Launch Global Vehicle Charging Network


Starting in North America, Mercedes-Benz intends to roll out a global charging network. According to Mercedes-Benz, the main aim is to establish a comprehensive network before the decade’s end, when the company plans to go all-electric wherever market conditions allow.

The company says that charging hubs will be in important cities and urban population centers starting in the US and Canada. In addition to other advantages, brand customers will benefit from preferential access via a reservation function; however, other EVs that are compatible are welcome.

According to Ola Kallenius, chairman of Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s board of management, in order to speed up the electric transformation, we need to make sure that the charging experience keeps up. Their clients deserve a compelling charging experience that makes it simple to own an electric vehicle and travel long distances. They are launching a global high-end charging network because they will not wait for this to be built.

Mercedes-Benz anticipates constructing a 2,500-charger network by 2027 with partners MN8 Energy, one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of solar energy and battery storage, and ChargePoint, a technology company that develops EV charging networks.

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Each of the planned 400+ hubs will offer four to twelve high-power chargers (HPCs) with up to 350kW of charging power, depending on the region and location.

Mercedes and MN8 will split the estimated one billion euros in investment and use it over the next six to seven years. Photovoltaic systems will also be installed in some hubs to power video surveillance and lighting.


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