A Male Contraceptive Pill Could be Launched Soon


Women have been largely responsible for contraception for decades. Although birth control gives the sexual freedom people desire, it does not come without its side effects. When trying to avert pregnancy, many women experience mood swings, irregular bleeding, tender breasts, and a number of other unpleasant side effects. As a result, it comes as no surprise that ladies and gentlemen are eager for an alternative to male contraception to level the playing field.

Despite their willingness to share the burden of contraception, men currently have few options. They can have a vasectomy, a surgical procedure that permanently sterilizes men, or they can use condoms. Women, on the other hand, have many options that are less permanent than sterilization but more reliable than condoms: intrauterine devices, patches, implants, and injections are all forms of birth control.

While trying to foster a reasonable technique for contraception for men, researchers have gone through years investigating male preventative pills, however are yet to make a successful one that doesn’t cause undesirable secondary effects.

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The majority of tested pills suppress sperm production by blocking the hormone testosterone. The issue with tampering with hormones in this manner is that it is certain to have negative effects. Among the side effects of testosterone blockers are depression, weight gain, liver issues, acne, and decreased libido. Therefore, no contraceptive pills have yet appeared on store shelves.

In any case, presently, it shows up beneficial things are not too far off, after a group of excited scientists from the College of Minnesota revealed they have fostered another male preventative pill. It has so far been successful in mouse studies and will soon begin human trials.

The pill was 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy after male mice received the drug orally for just four weeks, which is the same level of effectiveness as the current female contraceptive pill, according to their findings, which were presented at the American Chemical Society Spring 2022 meeting. This is an encouraging outcome.

Also, the pill seemed to make no side impacts, on account of the absence of chemicals. Even after administering an excessive dose of the drug, this was still the case. Not at all like female anti-conception medication pills, this new pill contains zero chemicals. Instead, it prevents a protein from binding to vitamin A, which is necessary for the production of sperm and fertility. In essence, it results in sterilization.

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Although this may sound alarming, the researchers discovered that stopping the medication could completely reverse the pill’s sterilizing effect within four to six weeks. Male mice were able to successfully conceive young after this point.

However, scientists warn people not to get ahead of themselves, despite the fact that this pill appears to be a promising candidate. It has only been effective so far in mice, but men may react differently because we are humans and operate in completely different ways than rodents.

However, scientists are hopeful that this contraceptive pill will continue to be safe and effective due to the significant advantages demonstrated in mouse studies and the absence of hormones.

A male contraceptive pill may be on the market before we know it if the upcoming human trials are successful. Men will be able to take charge of their own reproductive health and male contraception will be revolutionized as a result of this breakthrough.

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Additionally, women will no longer have to carry the cost of birth control on their own, which is beneficial to everyone.


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