ExxonMobil Sues European Union to Block Energy Windfall Tax

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ExxonMobil, the largest energy company in the United States, is suing the European Union (EU) to get it to drop its new windfall tax on oil companies. The companies that benefited from something for which they were not responsible are subject to a windfall tax. As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, energy companies are receiving significantly more money for their oil and gas. This is in part due to supply concerns.

However, Exxon describes the measure as counterproductive and accuses Brussels of going above and beyond its legal authority. In October, ExxonMobil reported a profit of almost 20 billion dollars for the previous quarter. The profits of 2022 will be subject to a tax of 33 percent, which is more than 20 percent higher than the average for the previous three years. However, Exxon contends that the toll deters ventures and subverts financial backer certainty, in a test recorded at the EU’s Luxembourg-based General Court.

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Casey Norton, a spokesperson for Exxon said that, whether we invest here primarily depends on how attractive and globally competitive Europe will be. In a financial backer gathering recently, ExxonMobil’s CFO assessed that the EU expense would cost the gathering more than 2 billion dollars.

According to the Financial Times, the European Commission stated that it takes note of Exxon’s legal application and that it will be now up to the General Court to rule on this case. The EU is largely attempting to wean itself off of Russian energy, but this has forced it to search for cheaper alternatives.

EU ministers believe they can raise 123 billion dollars through taxes on electricity suppliers and producers who don’t use gas and are making more money than usual from the current demand.


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